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When operations teams need increased resources, it's tempting to bring in IT solutions as a first step. However, when technical companies are left to solve operations problems, the solution can never be complete, which is why so many IT / DAM projects come up short against expectations. 

Just a few operational inefficiencies create a ripple effect, causing problems to teams across the whole company and making for murky waters when defining user requirements for new product. Before investing in technical solutions, make sure your value chain is reaching its maximum potential with your existing tools.

My team and I will document your ideal workflows, train staff, and create user requirements for your future IT project, taking into account growth and flexibility, In addition, we will advise on communication flow and staff placement so you can get the growth you need with less chaos.


Rebecca has spoken extensively over the last decade at NAB, DataCon, Women Who Own L.A. Tech and others. Popular topics include metadata management, technology adaptation in complex enviroments and guerrilla filmmaking.

Reach out to for event bookings or article requests.


Rebecca Avery is a media operations consultant and leader at building global product and metadata solutions that power collaborative and efficient companies. She has extensive experience building and managing global production, post-production and media operations teams from scratch for early startups and major television OTT and VOD networks.

Before specializing in media distribution, Rebecca worked as a commercial producer and then a post-production supervisor for reality tv, music videos and short-form digital properties. Her unique knowledge of the end-to-end content and metadata supply chains gives her valuable perspective of both clients and their audience.


Rebecca is an NAB speaker and acting Subject Matter Expert on the 2020 Metadata Working
Group for the Streaming Video Alliance, dedicated to normalizing metadata across the global industry. She is the Founder & CEO of Avery Media Corporation, the provider of IntelAdapt SME, a line of services that partners with engineers to cut IT costs by enhancing operations for networks and media distributors.


  • Streamlining communications across siloed groups to leverage brainpower and shorten ROI

  • Cost analysis / reduction recommendations for production, post-production and distribution operations across all industries

  • Team building and media executive consulting​


3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd, #1100, Los Angeles, CA 90034  Tel: 323-929-7665

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